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Tick Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Ticks…..All About Them and Some Tips to Control Them! 

The word “ticks”…….just the thought can make you shudder.  These guys are members of the arachnid family and are super tiny…..unless they are bloated with blood.  Although they are tiny, they are mighty when it comes to spreading bacterial parasites that cause diseases.  These guys carry Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Erichiosis, babesiosis, and tularemia.  Just one bite can lead to your or your pet getting this disease.  The most well-known and most common tick-borne disease to humans in the United States is Lyme Borreliosis, or as we call it, Lyme Disease.


Some signs of Lyme Disease in humans are a rash that resembles a bull’s eye.  It will expand from the site of the bite, you will have fever, a headache, and even arthritis pain. Lyme Disease can also effect your pet. 

It has been said to be true that only deer ticks carry Lyme Disease.  This is not true.  Which tick that spreads Lyme Disease will depend on where you live.  In the Northeast, Midwest and South, the tick that usually transmits Lyme Disease is the black-legged Tick, or Deer Tick.  But on the west coast, the culprit is the Western black-legged tick. Tick Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ


Ticks that spread diseases can happen year round.  It was thought that these ticks were only seasonal…..and this may have been true a decade or two ago, but not anymore.  When the weather is warmer in the spring and milder in the fall, the tick activity is expanded.  Ticks are active pretty much every month of the year—even in higher elevations. 


It is important to have tick prevention on your pets all year long.  Tick Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ


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