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Tick Pest Control Phoenix AZ

All About Ticks

There are a variety of colors/sizes when it comes to Ticks.  An adult tick can be smaller than a sunflower seed, but then over 1 cm long if they are engorged with blood.  Tick larvae can be less than 1 mm long.  Ticks that are a common problem are American dog ticks, deer/blacklegged ticks, and lone star ticks. 


Behavior, Diet, and Habits

Ticks are often found near wooded areas or areas with highly vegetated areas.  Some ticks need moisture to survive.  Males, Females, and most species feed on the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles.  Ticks do have a preferred host, but will feed on whatever host is available and closest.  Ticks are known to bite livestock, deer, humans, dogs, and cats. 



Ticks have 4 stages; egg, larval, nymphal, and adult.  During the larval stage, ticks have 6 legs.  During the nymphal and adult stage, a tick has 8 legs.  For all 4 stages, the diet of a tick is blood.  Pathogens or Organisms that cause diseases in animals that they infect, can easily be passed through the tick’s life cycle. 


Signs of Ticks/ Tick Infestation

The main sign of Ticks, are the ticks themselves.  Other signs can include symptoms from diseases or fluid that is transmitted by a tick.  These symptoms will vary and best left to a medical professional to diagnose. 

Tick Pest Control Phoenix AZ


Ticks will seek safety and hide in the home.  Keep crevices and gaps filled and the grass cut short to help discourage infestations.  Make sure to dispose of empty birds or rodent nests.  Ticks will readily infest those areas. 


Treating ticks is not the same as treating fleas.  If you suspect a tick infestation, make sure to call your local pest control company!


If ticks are found on pets or people, they require cautious and thorough removal.  Ticks need to be grasped behind the head with tweezers and pulled slowly away from the host’s skin.  If a tick is crushed, it can release further dangerous fluids.  The mouthparts need to completely removed from the wound.  The area that was bit needs to be thoroughly washed and disinfected.   Tick Pest Control Phoenix AZ


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