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Wasp Pest Control Mesa AZ

All About Wasps

The wasp species varies greatly.  Most all wasps have two pairs of wings and also a pinched waist.  Their colors can range anywhere from black, to metallic greens and blues.  Their size also varies greatly……..they can be almost microscopic to several centimeters long. 

Wasps are split into two categorizes……social and solitary.  Social wasps live in colonies, that can number into the thousands.  In these colonies, the female wasps will perform all the duties in the nest.  If the wasp is in the solitary category, it will live alone…..which means, no colony.  Wasps lay eggs, but their eggs are then left alone and also will hatch on their own. 

Within the wasp species, there will predatory and parasitic.  Predatory wasps will kill and consume other insects as well as other animals.  Wasps will feed these to their larvae. 

Parasitic wasps will lay their eggs on the body of a living creature, like a caterpillar or spider.  The larvae will feed on the still-living host.  Wasp Pest Control Mesa AZ

Whatever type of wasp you see, all can assist in managing other pests. Some wasps also feed on nectar from flowers…..which means they also can function as pollinators.

There are wasps that you can categorize as “aggressive” and will sting when they feel threatened.  When a honey bee stings, it is limited to one time.  But a wasp can sting multiple times. 

Reproduction of Wasps

In the late summer, the queen of some species of wasps will produce unfertilized eggs.  The unfertilized eggs will develop into males.  These males will then fertilize the wasps that will become the queens of the next year.  The fertilized females will stay in a sheltered location during the winter.  Most of the time, the rest of the colony will die when winter comes.  When spring arrives, the queen will start laying eggs---then once the eggs hatch, they become workers that build the nest and also feed the larvae the queen has produced.  Wasp Pest Control Mesa AZ


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