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Wasp Pest Control Near Me Cave Creek AZ

Ground Wasps


This term includes a huge variety of different species.  Because of this, the appearance of a ground wasp will differ greatly.  The two most recognizable characteristics of a ground wasp is the presence of two pairs of wings and also a constriction between the wasp’s thorax and abdomen.  This is known as the “thread-waisted”. 

Behavior, Diet and Habits

The name, Ground Wasp, comes from the behavior trait of the wasp constructing their nest underground. Most wasps you will encounter that do this are yellow jackets, cicada killer wasps, and digger wasps.  The Yellow Jacket will construct a below ground nest—but they also will choose to nest at times above ground in a sheltered, dark location. 

A ground wasp can be either social or solitary….all depending on what their behavior is.  A social ground wasp is a communal insect that will live in a nest that is also populated by egg laying queens, male adults and immature eggs, larval and pupal.  There are not usually more than 500.  The nest is maintained and fed by sterile adult female workers.  They will gather prey to feed the immature stages.  This colony will only last one year and is aggressively defended by adults.  They can inflict numerous stings onto intruders.  Yellow Jackets are an example of a social ground wasps. Wasp Pest Control Near Me Cave Creek AZ

A solitary ground wasp, like a cicada killer wasp, spider wasp, or a digger wasp, make up the vast majority of ground wasps found in the United States.  As the name suggests, each adult female lives along and builds their nest below ground.  They will hunt for prey and feed to the offspring all on her own.  A solitary ground wasp will use their stinging mechanism to paralyze their prey.  While some solitary ground wasps can sting, they rarely do when left alone.  Wasp Pest Control Near Me Cave Creek AZ


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