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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Mesa AZ

Reasons You Can’t Wait When It Comes to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs


  1. They Bite.  When you tell your kids at night, “good night, sleep tight!  Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”…….you aren’t lying!  Bedbugs are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night.  So their most active time is when you lay down on the bed, or couch, or chair, at night.  Most people have no clue that they are being bit because the bug first puts an anesthetic to numb the area so you don’t feel it.
  2. They Love You.  Just like mosquitos, bedbugs are attracted the same way, by the Carbon Dioxide we breathe out and the warmth of our bodies.  Bedbugs primary source of food, as creepy as it sounds, are us.  They will feed on you regularly, but they can live up to at least a year without eating a blood meal.  Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Mesa AZ
  3. They Also Love Your Pets.  Although they much prefer human skin, if that’s not around, they will go for the furry pet.  It is a lot less likely that they will, but they have been known to do so especially if the home is extremely infested and the bugs are spread all over, which might make human access not as easy.  And the really bad thing is even if they don’t bit your pet, your pet can carry the pest from room to room, spreading them around.  This is even a bigger issue is the pest happens to be a pregnant female. 
  4. They Are Everywhere.  The name may be misleading.  Bed Bugs are often found, yes, in your bed……but when an infestation starts to grow, the bedbugs will venture out and travel farther.  You will find them on furniture, behind headboards, even behind wall outlets.  These pests can even travel through the walls……so hotel rooms, condos, apartments….you name it.  Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Mesa AZ


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