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Wildlife Removal Mesa AZ

Arizona Rattlesnakes


Here are some Rattlesnake Facts:

  1. Scientists have now identified 36 species of Rattlesnakes
  2. They live only in North and South America
  3. There are 13 species in Arizona---this is the most of any state.
  4. They use a “loreal pit”, a heat-sensing organ that is in between the nostril and eye to locate their prey and potential predators.
  5. Rattlesnakes have glands that make venom (like humans have saliva glands to make saliva)
  6. The rattle is made of keratin—the same is found in human hair and fingernails
  7. The segments of a rattle do not help determine a rattlesnakes age
  8. Rattlesnakes prey is small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and centipedes
  9. Less than 1% of rattlesnake bites result in a human death

Here are just a few rattlesnake species

Massasuaga Rattlesnake

  • Up to 22 inches long
  • Most basic/popular form of rattlesnake found in the United States
  • Protected in Arizona

Mohave Rattlesnake

  •  Can grow up to 50 inches long
  • Most toxic rattlesnake species in the United States
  • Can be easily confused with a Western Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake

Prairie Rattlesnake

  •  Up to 64 inches long
  • Used in Hope Snake dance ritual

Sidewinder Rattlesnake

  •  Grows up to 25 inches long
  • Moves in a side-winding motion
  • Only rattlesnake that has horns over the eyes

Speckled Rattlesnake

  •  Grows up to 51 inches long
  •  Color varies; white, pink, gray, or brown
  •  Color usually will match their surroundings  Wildlife Removal Mesa AZ

Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake

  •  Up to 26 inches long
  • Small rattle sound, more like an insect
  • Special protection in Arizona

Tiger Rattlesnake

  •  Grows up to 35 inches long
  •   Small head keeps it from holding very much venom
  •   Venom is very powerful  Wildlife Removal Mesa AZ

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