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Wolf Spiders Around My Home Mesa AZ

Controlling Spiders In Your Home

Contrary to what you might think, some of the most common spiders in the United States are not dangerous at all, and are actually very beneficial.  Spider feed on the very insects that we consider pests!  But, if you are like me, you still don't fancy spiders scurrying around your home.  Most spiders that you will find in the US are shy and not very aggressive.  They will avoid humans unless they are attacked or handled…..or disturbed.  


Spiders are very easy to identify most of the time.  They have eight legs…….insects only have six.  Spiders will have two body segments; insects most of the time have three.  A lot of spiders will have between six to eight eyes, and insects generally only have two eyes.  

If you find you have a spider problem around your home, trying following these simple steps: The IPM Method; Intergraded Pest Management.  This a combination of exclusion, sanitation, non-chemical and chemical controls and outdoor.



Exclusion, meaning preventing the spiders from entering is the first step in spider control.  Seal up the cracks and crevices in your home’s structure; that is where the spiders will come in at.  Repair any screens on doors or windows that have torn, and make sure they fit tightly to the frame.  If you have gaps around the doors or windows, caulk and seal them up as well.  


The next step, sanitation, involves cleaning up!  Spiders and other pests love to take shelter and build homes in piles, especially piles that do not move.  This is why when you decide to go through items in the home that you have neglected for a long time, you see a spider!  To help reduce and eliminate spiders, clear out debris, trash, and any other items that tend to gather in a pile.  Sweep  and dust regularly, and always remove old and new cobwebs.  


A lot of the time spiders will be found by themselves or with eggs they laid recently.  If this is the case, and you do not want to use chemicals, the best control is to manually remove it.  Put a glove on your hand and physically remove the web and the eggs.  Don’t want to get that close?  Try a vacuum instead.  There are also sticky traps that can be placed in corners or along baseboards to capture a moving spider.   Wolf Spiders Around My Home Mesa AZ


For chemical control, it is recommended to use residual insecticides.  This should be placed in areas that spiders like to spin their webs and lay eggs; corners, window or door frames.  


Most of the time, there is little cause for concern in controlling spiders outdoors.  However, if they are seen in large numbers on buildings, they can be washed off with force.  

Eliminating the number of insects around your home will greatly help in reducing the amount of spiders.  The insects will attract spiders to the area—they are the spider’s food.  Wolf Spiders Around My Home Mesa AZ


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