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Carpenter Ants

It is very common to confuse carpenter ants and termites.  But what you need to know and remember is both can cause damage to the home, and both need to be treated by a professional.  

When you see a winged carpenter ant or a termite, you are seeing a reproductive male or queen.  This means they are the only members of the ant colony that can reproduce.  Ants and termites both swarm when it come to mating; then the male dies after their duty is done and the queens will drop their wings to find a good nesting site.  

So if you see a winged ant indoors during the summer months, it could just mean that it flew in from the outside and will most likely die before it can find a good nesting site.  During the winter, however, it is a bit different.  Ants are not active outdoors during the winter months, so a flying ant that is seen indoors will most likely mean that the ants are nesting close by and within the structure of the home.  


It is a very rare thing for termites to swarm (mate) during the winter months, but it still happens, especially in warm areas of an infested building.  

If you see a sudden appearance of swarming ants or termites in flight……the is one of the first signs that there is an indoor infestation happening.  

Treating Carpenter Ants

Carpenter nets are often found nesting in dry wood, but most of the time they will be found in wood that is damp or rotting (or both).  The first step is to make sure to repair or replace any rotting wood and to remove where they are harboring.  This will help prevent any further infestation.  

The next step is to use insecticide to kill any any that has built their nest indoors.    ant exterminator near me Scottsdale AZ

Dust Insecticide:  This is for carpenter ants and for use in the home.  It can be injected into the area where the carpenter ants are nesting.  It can be difficult to get into the area, so often times small holes will need to be drilled so the insecticidal dust can be injected.  

Bait:  Using bait is much slower, but it can be easier and safer to use.  The ants that are foraging will pick up the bait and carry it back to their colony and the queen.  This will eliminate the entire colony.  If you choose to use ant bait, make sure you read the label and find bait that is designed specifically for carpenter ants.  

Spray:  Using insecticide spray on foraging ants has little impact.  The spray only kills the ants that are foraging for good.  If the flying ants have just flown indoors (and are not living there) spray works well for killing those who occasional invade the home.  


Make sure when you use any insecticide that you read and follow the label directions.  ant exterminator near me Scottsdale AZ

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