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bed bug pest control Carefree AZ

All About Bed Bugs


Bed Bug infestations are on the rise; biting children and adults at home or hotels…..but it doesn’t stop just there.  They also have been known to bite in offices, movie theaters, and vehicles.  It seems the larger cities are being hit hard by infestations, and these bugs are hitching rides into suitcases and other belongings.  You think you are immune?  Sorry….you’re not. 

The good news, yes, there is good news.  Even though the infestations and populations of bed bugs are growing, so is the research and control that is aimed to eliminate them all together.  There is new research out there that if a bed bug does not die immediately once it is poisoned with insecticide and it bites a person even after the bug has been sprayed, it is more likely to survive or possibly still live a bit longer.  Bed bugs are building up a tolerance to some of the most commonly used insecticides.  Sounds scary, but at least we know, and the industry can adjust its efforts. bed bug pest control Carefree AZ

So what have we learned?  Don’t feed the bed bugs!  No, I don’t mean literally feed them food….

A lot of times after a home or area is treated, residents are eager to return to their home.  This is where the research comes into play.  When a resident returns home to sleep, they are providing blood meals to any bug that did not die immediately from the insecticides.  Yes these bugs may only live a few more days, but even those few days gives them time to reproduce…..and that just means a new or extended infestation.  


Knowing this, it is important for non-chemical and chemical controls to be used together.  Non-Chemical treatments are vacuuming, washing all bedding and clothing, encasing mattresses and box springs, etc.  bed bug pest control Carefree AZ 


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