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Rats & Mice……..Not so Cute


My daughter has been wanting a small pet recently…..she has bounced around all ideas from rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils……and a rat!  While I’m sure there are pet rats out there that are affectionate and super cool, not in my house!


Rodents can be a major problem is homes, indoor and outdoor!  Exterminating rodents is more than just killing them, a plan must be in place to make sure that all the rodents are removed from the home and also a plan to make sure they don’t come back!  Obviously if you have a recurring problem, having a plan set in place is a given, but even if it is just a one time thing, the best thing to do is deal with it the best way and then you are likely to not need another exterminator for at least 12 months. 


Mouse Extermination----There are several ways to do deal with a mouse problem.  The “old-fashioned” way would be snap traps, and really are still the most popular choice.  These are very effective and will leave the dead rodent accessible for disposal.  If you have tried the snap traps, and they aren’t working, try a stickier food such as peanut butter.  Mice can be very finicky, so you have to place several traps throughout the entire house.  If you think you only need 2 traps, but idea is to double that!   cheap Exterminators Near Me Gilbert AZ


Rat Extermination----Rats are a much bigger problem to homeowners than mice.  Their jaws can gnaw through concrete---and that can cause major damage to your home.  Rats are known to eat through the electrical wiring and that can create a dangerous fire hazard.  Poison for mice or rats should not be used for extermination.  Rat poison can harm pets, plus, there is no control over the dead rodent.  Once you kill the rat, fleas, ticks, and mites that were living on the rat will want to look for a new host.  That, is a public health disaster waiting to happen.    cheap Exterminators Near Me Gilbert AZ


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