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Itsy Bitsy Spider


There is problem nothing that will make me jump faster than a spider.  Well, I take that back……I’m from Arizona, so a scorpion will make me jump faster and higher for sure. 

When we lived in Flagstaff, Arizona, scorpions weren’t the problem though……it was HUGE spiders.  Flagstaff is surrounded by National Forest, and our home pretty much backed right into it…….so spiders seemed like they were an every day occurance. 

Spider prey on insects, so if you have insects, you have spiders.  They actually help to reduce all other pests from getting inside your home.  Most of the time, spiders will make their home outside your home, especially in gardens.  They tend to hide, so they do love a good basement or attic.  But there are times when they will venture out during the day. 

If you are seeing spiders on a regular basis, chances are you may have a spider problem.  I dislike spiders.  I don’t know if you could say I have a “fear” of them, but…..they creep me out big time.  exterminators around me avondale az

Usually spiders can be taken care of with simple spider management.  To help minimize them in your home, you need to reduce your “hospitality” for them.  Give your home a good spring cleaning and focus on the secluded areas.  Knock down cobwebs, and replace old screens to the windows and doors. 

Spider usually only bite if they are disturbed.  But if you think your home is sheltering poisonous spiders, or you are allergic to them, wear clothes that will protect you when you are cleaning or gardening outside. 

If a spider happens to bite you, if you can, attempt to capture it or at least get a good look at it so it can be identified.  Monitor the bite and any side effects you may be experiencing.  If the spider is poisonous or you are allergic, seek immediate medical attention.  exterminators around me avondale az


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