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Outdoor Ant Problems


Ants can be a problem anywhere because they can get anywhere!  They are so tiny, and really quite smart (except about carrying bait back to their nests!).  Once one finds a way inside your home, they rest will follow suit in a line right behind!  There are ants that will travel inside the home to find food and water, but their out outdoor ants, like fire ants, that usually are only found outside. 

Often times though, ants outdoor can be quite the nuisance.  I know for me, with kids, it makes it hard for them to play safely on the grass knowing that they could step into a huge ant pile. 

If you see a group of ants outdoors, chances are, their nest is nearby.  Find their nest or anthill, and you can douse it with insecticide.  Now, don’t skimp on it!  The more you apply, the deeper it can penetrate.  exterminators around me gilbert az

Another things you can do to prevent outdoor ants from coming inside, is apply a repellent around the house, along the edge of the home.  This will repel ants from trying to find a way inside.

Although I despise ants with a passion, outdoor ants are very beneficial to the yard and plants.  They can clean up debris, dead bugs, and help control other insect pests.  So maybe don’t eradicate them all, unless you have good reason. 

Some species of ants like carpenter and orodous ants can be very difficult to eradicate.  So if you are having an issue with these types of ants, call a pest control professional right away.  These species of ants can be very damaging to the structure of homes.  exterminators around me gilbert az


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