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Arizona Pests

If you aren’t from Arizona, you may think that all we have our scary insects, and a really hot sun!  Well……we do have some, but not as many as you would think!  Take a look at just a few!

  1.  Arizona Sister

This is native butterfly and one of the many you will find fluttering around the state.  These beauties don’t drink from a flower though…..they love tree sap, mud, and liquids from rotting fruit….or other rotting things you might just find around the desert.

  1.  Desert Centipede

You will find this centipede along the long stretch of desert in the southwest and down into Mexico.  These guys are carnivores and feed on insects, lizards, and rodents.  When they pinch, it is painful!  So watch where you are stepping in the dark! 

  1.  Desert Tarantula  #mesapestcontrol AZ

Huge, hairy…….and harmless as a butterfly!  If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone.  If you provoke them, they may bite….but the hairs on their belly are their biggest form of protection.  If a predator tries to eat one for a snack, the belly hairs will irritate them very badly. 

  1.  Giant Hairy Scorpion


These look very intimidating, but they are nothing like it’s relative, the Arizona Bark Scorpion.  The sting of a Giant Hairy Scorpion is a lot less dangerous (still painful).  They are easy to spot, around 5 inches in length and love to come out at night to eat crickets and termites. 


Arizona is a beautiful place!  Filled with beautiful creatures……#mesapestcontrol AZ


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