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Scorpion Home Seal Scottsdale AZ


Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists uses natural and organic pest control methods to keep your home safe. 

As we have more rain, pest activity increases and you may see swarming termites in your home. Get your free inspection scheduled for peace of mind and to protect your home. Ideally insects, rodents, and the like would never get into our homes at all, but they do. For health reasons and to protect your home from structural damage, it's better to deal with them sooner than later. The longer you put things off, the bigger the problem is likely to get. So, as the rain and heat increase, take advantage of our free inspection.

When it comes to pest control, Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists uses a variety of Eco-Friendly, Organic products to control pest activity. The ECO line of products are made from clove oil, guava fruit, rosemary and other organic products and naturally occurring materials. They are very effective against pests when injected into the cracks and crevices at the source of where pests live and breed, and the treatment is safe for people and pets.

More and more research is revealing that pesticides and other man-made chemicals can be as bad for people as they are for bugs. Exposure to toxic chemicals is suspected to be contributory for Attention Deficit Disorders, emotional and behavioral issues, and chronic health problems.

Tips for the Heavy Scorpion Activity This Year

Due to the warm winter and rain, the scorpion activity is high. Remove debris, like wood piles, stacked blocks, and plastic pool covers on the ground from your yard that become a harborage. Cut back any bushes, trees and vines that touch your home, or hang on the ground. By also receiving monthly pest control year round you will significantly reduce scorpion issues. You can also have us give you a free estimate to do a scorpion home seal on your home to reduce the points of entry.

Scorpions don't bite, but scorpions sometimes sting. If you remain calm, it is not difficult to treat a scorpion sting. It is not likely to be fatal, however everyone reacts differently. Local medical centers are familiar with the treatment if you experience a serious reaction, which would require immediate medical attention, like throat swelling or breathing difficulties.

It is important to recognize scorpion sting symptoms: immediate pain or burning, very little swelling, sensitivity to touch, and a numbness & tingling sensation.

If you are stung by a scorpion, here are some actions you should take:

1.     Wash the area of the scorpion sting with soap and water.

2.     Apply a cool compress or ice on the area of the scorpion sting. Apply it to the sting location for 10 minutes. Remove compress for 10 minutes and repeat as necessary.

3.     If stung on a limb (arm or leg) elevate the limb to heart level.

4.     Call the Poison Control Center Hotline at 1-800-222-1222

5.     If you develop symptoms such as numbness or tingling of extremities or blurry vision, throat closing, or muscle twitching, roving eye movements, go to the nearest emergency room. Young children, elderly people and those experiencing a serious reaction should be taken to the emergency room immediately.

Thank you for being proactive about your health, your family’s well being, and the environment.

Contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists for a Free Home Inspection for Termites, Eco-Friendly Pest Control, Home Seal Service, Bed Bug Eco-Heat,and Rodent Control. We perform Complete Home Inspections. Lady Bug also will do a free termite inspection if you already are under contract with another company and take over your existing termite warranty policy.  Please feel free to contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists to answer any of your pest control questions or for a FREE Inspection. 480-833-1111.

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