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Lady Bug Pest Control Franchise Unit FAQ's

Q – What are the start up costs to open a Lady Bug Franchise?

A – Typical start up costs may vary. The initial franchise fee is $35,000. Other start up costs include application equipment and materials, a vehicle meeting company specifications, a computer and software, uniforms, insurance premiums, office supplies, advertising, the purchase price of customers existing in the territory, working capital and any other miscellaneous expenses. The range for these items including the franchise fee and the first 3 months of expenses is from $60,000 – $75,000.

Q – Is it possible to purchase multiple units?

A – We offer multi-unit packages at a significant discount. A second unit is only an additional $20,000. A 3 unit package investment is $75,000 for the units, and $75,000 of working capital is needed. 5 unit packages are a $95,000 investment for the units and $95,000 of working capital is needed.

Q – Are there continuing franchise fees?

A – Continuing franchise fees are 7% -10% of the weekly gross sales. These fees are for continuing rights to use the Lady Bug franchise system, its trade secrets, operating procedures, marketing methods, logos, use of our license and trademarks. Separately, advertising fees of up to 2% can be charged and used for promotion.

Q – What kind of training does Lady Bug offer?

A – The training program is offered in Mesa, Arizona. The program consists of both field training and administrative training for approximately 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on the needs of the individual. Ongoing support is available and encouraged to franchisees as well. All franchisees are required to attend the training program and successfully complete it before opening a franchise.

Q – What are the next steps?

A – After reviewing this information, if you are interested in a Lady Bug Franchise, please fill out the confidential application for additional information and mail it to the Mesa, Arizona address. Once we receive your confidential application and request for the franchise disclosure document, we may send you the franchise disclosure document. Before signing a franchise agreement with you, we would like to see your business plan for the proposed franchise and personally meet with you.

Q – What information is available regarding potential sales, earnings, and profitability?

A – Prospective franchisees may contact existing franchisees and question them on their franchise. The Lady Bug Franchise Corporation policy is that no employee or agent can provide projections as to potential sales, earnings or profitability.


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