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Lady Bug Franchise Investment

The initial franchise fee is $35,000 for a single unit plus the customer purchase price. Additional start up costs for the franchise opportunity such as insurance, computer, truck, advertising, office equipment, uniforms, operating cash, etc., and also including the first 3 months of operating expenses for the business are estimated to be approximately an additional $30,000- $40,000.

We offer multi-unit packages at a significant discount. A second unit is only an additional $20,000. A 3 unit package investment is $75,000 for the units, and $75,000 of working capital is needed. 5 unit packages are a $95,000 investment for the units and $95,000 of working capital is needed.

Owning an Regional Development Franchise is the Ultimate Franchise Opportunity. It provides numerous advantages and yields multiple streams of income.

We also offer Regional Development Franchises. The minimum investment for a Regional Development Franchise is $100,000 for a territory for a population of 3,000,000, and another $100,000 available for working capital to grow your franchise system. Within the Lady Bug System, a Regional Development Franchise Owner receives 50% of each franchise fee and 50% of the royalty income. Owning a Regional Development Franchise is the Ultimate Franchise Opportunity. See more about how fortunes are made.



We have territories that range in value depending on the customer base in that territory. Some people are interested in starting with a significant customer base, while others choose to build the territory themselves, depending on the initial investment you are looking to make.

The ongoing royalty fee has a sliding scale starting at 10% and it reduces to 7% once you become properly licensed. A 2% cooperative advertising fee may also apply for bill boards or TV commercials that would benefit all the franchisees.

Lady Bug Franchise Corporation offers a unique business concept by providing residential and commercial environmentally responsible pest control. We use natural materials inside and incorporate it outside as well. This is a safe and very effective service. Both customers and pest control technicians appreciate the safety of our service. Since we have poisonous pests such as black widows and scorpions, pest control in Arizona is a necessity, not a luxury item. To some degree, for this reason, our business is also more recession proof than many others.

As part of the initial investment, we provide a training program that ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the individual’s ability to understand the information and level of comfort. There is ongoing support once you are up and running. Your success means our success, so we are very committed to offer advice, training, coaching and support in every way possible. The training covers everything necessary to operate your business from application techniques to accounting, and marketing to customer service. It is all included.

This business opportunity can be run as a home-based business. You can operate out of a home office since you go off site to service your customers. The business can be grown in various ways as well. Some people want to get a number of trucks and employees, while others prefer to make a good living, but not want the responsibility of employees. The options are open ended. We believe in creating win-win scenarios, and not everyone’s scenario is the same.

Lady Bug is a well known name in the Phoenix area. Our trucks are easily recognizable too. We have been written up in magazines and newspapers frequently. We offer a combination of a proven system for success, extensive business experience, and an outstanding reputation within the pest control industry. At Lady Bug we also have a strong desire to succeed. Your success means our success. For these reasons, we feel we have a great opportunity to offer in a franchise.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. The initial step in the franchise process is to download an application, fill it out and mail it or fax it to us. Once we receive it we will contact you. This information is not an offer to sell a franchise. Such offers can only be made through the delivery of Franchise Disclosure Document ( FDD ).


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