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Cockroaches Pest Control

There are many species of cockroaches, yet generally the most common interior infesting roach is called a German roach and is medium to small in size, light brown with 2 black stripes on its head. These are probably the most important structure infesting pest worldwide. Most people think of roaches as associated with unsanitary urban environments, which is often true with German roaches.




There are several common species of roaches that generally breed outside and occasionally make their way inside. Because there is ample food and water supply outside in people's yards, outdoor roaches such as the American roach. They are a large reddish brown roach, and they have an opportunity to breed easily in warm climates outside. Because they breed rapidly, it is important to take pest control measures whether the roaches are outside or inside.


To help you get rid of roaches from home kitchens and commercial properties such as apartment buildings and restaurants, sanitation and a detailed inspection and treatment program will be necessary.


Cockroaches that infest buildings require a relatively warm and moist environment. Besides a place to live these pests need to find food and water. Almost any food can attract and support these scavengers, and infestations can grow very quickly. While roaches do not cause structural damage, their presence often indicates unsanitary conditions that may be unhealthy. There are also concerns about them directly causing allergic reactions and spreading disease by contaminating food.


Roaches do not form true colonies the way termites and ants do but they often live in groups. They prefer warm and damp areas in out-of-the-way protected places, such as inside walls, and cracks and crevices called harborage areas. Roach activity is usually highest at night. In fact, any activity in the open, during the day typically indicates very high populations with individuals actually pushed out of harborages because of overcrowding. Therefore, if you see cockroaches during the day it usually means that the infestation is fairly large.



Getting rid of roaches in a single-family home requires a professional, and a pest professional is absolutely necessary to control infestations in a large apartment building, or commercial buildings. Homeowners can clean and treat every room and they share no common walls with other structures and control can be reached quickly. On the other hand, in large multi-family and commercial buildings it can be more challenging to control roaches because there are often areas that are not accessible to be treated, sanitation measures may not be followed, and the roaches can travel in between walls.


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